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The power of hate

Politicians know a dirty secret about human nature. Hatred is a powerful motivator and unifier; sometimes more so than love.

Pretty beat up

A strange coincidence involving my twin brother and me.

What happened yesterday

What's my favorite part of being a pastor these days? That's an easy question for me to answer....

Pure joy, for me

Joy can usually be found all around us, right under our noses, or just outside the door.

Ready or not

We live in a love-sick, and a love-starved, day and age

Kevin is the reason

Why have I started to read Don Quixote? It's because of Kevin.

Even though he is dead

Harlan Leistikow helped me to write his funeral sermon. Here is the story of how it happened.

A good death

What is a good death? There is, but only one kind.

Daily attacks

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant...

My morning with Leo

God works in mysterious ways, as our cat Leo helped to remind me this morning.

On my mind

I've been thinking a lot lately about the great Frenchman.

A better way

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the world has lost its mind.