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It hurts so good

You know me, I love a good proverb or aphorism. I wanted to share a few that I've added to my collection.

I know the feeling

I've been thinking about one of cinema's greatest rants.

Quite a sight

Wonder is all around us, if we keep our eyes open wide.

In the meantime

As I hit the trail this morning, I was reminded that the Christian never walks alone.

Too bad

God can be heard in a kitchen. The same is true for a parking lot, sweeping up broken glass.

All poets are mad.

Poets are obsessed with words. Christians should be, too.

The power of hate

Politicians know a dirty secret about human nature. Hatred is a powerful motivator and unifier; sometimes more so than love.

What is saving faith?

If even the demons believe that there is a God, what is saving faith?

Pretty beat up

A strange coincidence involving my twin brother and me.

What happened yesterday

What's my favorite part of being a pastor these days? That's an easy question for me to answer....

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