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A bloody mouth

Photo by Danique Tersmette on Unsplash


One day a man was driving to work. On the way an aggressive driver rode his bumper for several minutes before passing, giving him the finger as he sped by.

The man held his breathe, and then slowly let it out.

When he got to work, his boss immediately summoned him to an impromptu meeting. He laid into to him, lashing out in anger about a delay in a project he was working on.

When the man got to his office, his secretary asked what that was all about. He simply shrugged his shoulders, not saying a word.

At noon-time, the man realized that he'd forgotten his lunch at home. So he went to a nearby drive-through where the worker promptly messed up his order. The man took it in stride and quietly drove away.

It was one of those days. A meeting that was supposed to last a hour ran for twice that. As a result, he ended up having to work 'til 6:30. His wife was none too happy when he texted her that he'd be late.

Once the man finally got home that evening, his mouth was good and sore.

He'd been biting his tongue all day.

Blessed is the one who has learned the art of saying nothing at all.

Blessed is the one who, by the grace of God, is able to bite his lip.

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