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A little fun

In a little while I will be taking a plunge. I'll be submitting a list of 21 proverbs that I've written to the website.

I stumbled across the site awhile ago. I used it quite a bit last week with my post: Beauty-Full. In doing so, I took time to research how Minimalist worked. I learned that anyone can submit original quotes, but you must have at least 20 to do so. Kind of ironic, I'd say!

I wrote my 21 quotes earlier this morning. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Then again, I've had lots of practice. For the past 14 years, on a weekly basis, I've needed to come up with some short-and-sweet sayings for the church sign.

Here are the little bits of wisdom I have to share with you today:


Laugh at yourself regularly or someone will do it for you.

The wise are not afraid to change their minds.

Your conscience can be a horrible guide.

Love is a difficult word to define.

What will your obituary say?


Restlessness can be good for one’s soul.

Eternity is a very long time. Be prepared.

Some wounds will not heal in our lifetimes.

In a world gone mad, the sane will appear crazy.

Holy fools walk among us.


ME, MYSELF, and I is a very demanding idol.

Don’t fool yourself. You're not in control.

Dependency is not a dirty word. We need each other.

The truth is hard to hold on to.

An old fool is the worst kind, but there is still time…


If nonsense comes knocking, don’t open the door.

Don’t be surprised at evil. It’s closer than you think.

It’s not too late to grow up.

Why is NO the most difficult word to learn?

The school of hard knocks is always open.


Watch out! God’s blessings frequently come in disguise.

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