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My morning with Leo

This morning I saw one of the most gorgeous sunrises that I've seen in a long, long time. The two photos above just don't do it justice.

I would have missed the canvas that the Creator was painting if it hadn't been for our cat, Leo. More specifically, I would have missed it, if it hadn't been for his limp.

Late yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in a recliner in the living room when I saw Leo come in.

He didn't walk in though; he sort of hopped in, not letting his front right paw touch the ground. He did this without so much as a whimper.

Less than an hour early, when he left the room, he'd been fine; now, all of a sudden, he's limping??

We still don't know how, or where, Leo injured himself.

After I noticed Leo's limp, Alaine, being the farm-raised girl that she is, as well as a mother, immediately came over to check on our feline.

His paw looked fine, and the leg didn't seem to be broken.

Leo continued to limp/hop around for the rest of the night.

As a result, in order to limit his needing to use the steps to the basement where his kitty litter has always been located, I suggested that we move one box to the main level, putting it in the kitchen.

Let's just say that my great idea didn't work. (Sorry, sweetheart, for the messes that you had to clean up in the dining room!)

Alaine was the first one down the stairs this morning. Leo was awake; resting on the armrest of the couch.

The same was true for me when I came down a half hour later.

Evidence of how Leo was truly feeling would have to wait until his very favorite person in the whole-wide world appeared.

Once Jenny arrived on the scene, Leo jumped from the couch.

He is still favoring that paw, putting it down every three steps or so. But when sitting up, he does so with four feet on the ground, which he didn't do last night.

We're glad that Leo seems to be on the road to recovery on his own. He is even more happy about this than we are. Now he can still achieve his goal of never having to leave the house once in 2021. (Leo would have been scared silly to go to the vet. He came to us from a pet rescue society. If cats can suffer from PTSD, Leo was when he came to live with us.)

Let me go back to where I started, to this morning's stunning sunrise. I would have missed seeing it, if it hadn't been for Leo.

Why is this? It's because I was in the process of moving his kitty litter box back to the basement, when I saw the stunning scene that God was painting right above Our Saviours.

This makes me think of the shepherds out watching their flocks in a field by night.

I would have missed the gorgeous sunrise our Creator provided here in St. Paul this morning, if it hadn't been for Leo. Perhaps the shepherds would have missed being the first ones to hear the good news of great joy that is for all people if it hadn't been for their sheep.

Such is life with God, both then and now.


God gave us this stunning reminder of his majesty back in May 2019 while on vacation. The photo was taken at the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.

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