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Pretty beat up


The photo above shows my favorite Bible.

As you can tell by looking at it, my favorite Bible is pretty beat up. It's as beat up as the boxer depicted in bronze at the top of your screen.

Although I own several other Bibles, all of which are in better condition than the one shown above, this particular Bible, which is now 30 years old, is the one that I treasure most of all.

Why is this?

It's because we've been through thick and thin together. I also love this particular copy because, when I turn to certain passages, I can immediately find them on the page, like picking out an old friend in a crowded room.

What about you? Do you have a favorite Bible?

Last Tuesday afternoon I received a request for a Bible. Not just any kind, though. Peggy, who attends our Parkway Gardens class, wanted an ESV translation as she finds it easier to read.

How can a pastor decline such a request? And so I promised Peggy that I would secure a copy for her, but to be patient, it might take a few weeks to arrive. (It did not. The Bible arrived Saturday afternoon.)

Yesterday, out of the blue, my twin brother, Brad, texted me. He sent me a link to a YouTube video entitled: God Made Me a Pew Bible.

The video, which is less than 2 minutes long, offers a great perspective on life, faith, and God.

I had to laugh to myself after watching the clip.

Why is this?

It's because the Bible that I ordered for Peggy was a pew edition!

Here is a link to the video Brad sent me:

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