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Thank you, Louis

Earlier this year I tried Twitter, but it wasn't for me. Not only did I find it addictive, it was also a veritable wasteland, at least as far as I'm concerned.

This being said, some good came out of my time on the platform. Through Twitter I was able to reconnect with my cousin, Carla. I've also made a new friend in the land down under, Hayden, (of whom I've written previously). Not only did I make a new friend in Australia, the same is also true for South Africa.

While on Twitter I met Louis, a high school student with a deep interest in philosophy; so much so that Louis started his own website, The Intrepid Blogger.

Why am I sharing this with you now? I'm sharing it because Louis wrote the very best piece that I had the pleasure to read last month: "Hope, The Beloved Country – Why I’m Still Optimistic About South Africa."

I strongly encourage you to read what Louis wrote.

Why would you be interested in what a high school student in Durban, South Africa has to say? As you can read for yourself, Louis takes a good, hard look at his native land. In so doing, his candor, passion, and commitment to his country shine through. We can all learn a thing or two from Louis in this regard. May his blog post help us to be better citizens in our own beloved, but also troubled, land.

Here is a link to what Louis wrote:

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