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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The perverse pleasures of obituaries

Have you given any thought as to what your obituary will say?

Believe it or not, for some people it's their livelihood. Here are three memoirs written by professional obituary writers:

A few years ago, two obituaries published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune caused a little stir. Why is this? The two obituaries were identical in every way but one: the name of the deceased. A reporter asked for help in solving this mystery.

Caitlin's/Kimberly's obituaries intrigue me, not only because they are for one and the same person, but for what the obituaries have to say. Tomorrow, in our Life with God Bible class, we will begin our study by discussing Kimberly's obituary. I find it not only mysterious, but ultimately, very sad as well.

I like to say that obituaries are the most religious section of the newspaper. They often tell us what someone believed, as well as what they didn't.

Here is an obituary for one of our own.

A reminder; our obituaries gives a chance for our faith to speak, even though we are dead (Hebrews 11:4). The same is true for our tombstones.

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