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Why I love Philip Yancey

There are many reasons why I love the writing of Philip Yancey. Let me share just five with you.

Yancey writing is engaging, enlightening, and heart-felt. I have yet to read one of his books that I've haven't enjoyed or benefited from.

I love the fact that Yancey tackles difficult subjects. Living by faith isn't easy. Philip doesn't shy away from this reality.

I love the fact that he is not a pastor or seminary professor; Yancey is a journalist. He thinks deeply about life with God in the here and now and has the ability to put his reflections into words for the average, every day Christian

I love the fact that Yancey is not detached from his subject matter. His passion for what he is writing about shines through for me in his books and articles.

I love the fact that Yancey truly gets grace, and that he cares for the Church, without whitewashing its many problems.

I could go on and on about why I truly love Philip Yancey.

Here are some of the many books that I've read by my favorite living author down through the years.

This was the first book of Yancey's I ever read.

Like I mentioned, Yancey is willing to tackle difficult subjects.

In Soul Survivor, Yancey writes about 13 different Christians who served as mentors to him on the art of living by faith.

As Lutherans we like to think that we understand grace; still Yancey taught me a thing or two!

Another real gem.

Although I haven't read a Yancey book in more than five years, I have a feeling that this will soon change. His memoir is about to be released!

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